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turkey meatloaf

This was my youngest child’s first day of school meal request. ¬†Apparently, I make “the world’s best meatloaf”. ūüôā I made half without ketchup on top, since he’s not a ketchup kid.

Herbes de Provence is my secret weapon with poultry. ¬†It is a herb blend of thyme, fennel, basil, savory and lavender. ¬†The flavor reminds me of Thanksgiving stuffing. ¬†It’s also delicious sprinkled on a boneless, skinless chicken breast and baked in the oven.

Note to self:  use some garnish when photographing a loaf of meat!

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grilled turkey saltimbocca

This is another recipe from Weight Watcher’s new cookbook, “Fresh, Fabulous, Fast”.¬† The fact that you wrap the cutlet with prosciutto and then grill it seemed like a great idea.¬† Crispy bacon flavor!!

Saltimbocca is Italian for “jumps in the mouth” and it is traditionally made with veal, but making it with turkey makes it much more family friendly.

These turned out delicious! I served it with the corn saute, received with rave reviews.  The asparagus was fairly thick, so I cut them lengthwise into 4 strips.  This is a great recipe for the turkey cutlets that I always see in the grocery store but never know what to do with them!

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turkey enchiladas

Another quick, easy and homemade dinner…you could make it even quicker if you used canned enchilada sauce, but frankly, you can make it from scratch in the time it takes to make the filling.¬† I had a spare half hour this morning, so I threw it together and put it in the refrigerator until this evening when I popped it into the oven.

You can also use La Tortilla Factory’s Smart and Delicious Soft Wraps instead of the Mission Carb Balance for the same total points+ per serving.¬† I served it with a side of lettuce, tomato and sliced jicama.

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