ridiculously good croissant

31 May

My husband is amazing!  He had a yearning this weekend to be creative in the kitchen and decided to try his hand at croissants.  They turned out far better than expected!  Here’s a link to the King Arthur Flour Company recipe, just in case you want to see what was involved.

The sponge

If you decide to try this out, it’s a bit difficult counting the number of folds in the recipe as posted on the site. Fold by thirds three times.  Keep the dough cool to prevent the butter melting – return it to the fridge as needed between folds.  Also note that the best way to ensure the butter spreads is to ‘tap’ the dough repeatedly with the rolling pin – it doesn’t really roll out.  Tapping smashes the butter and thins it out.  I still had a few areas where the butter looked like large chunks when I was done, but it worked.

The texture was perfect.  Light crumb, crackling crust, no greasiness from the butter.  We also made a few pain au chocolate (the first picture of completed rolls).

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