asparagus and a 6 minute egg

03 May

Asparagus was plentiful at the Farmer’s Market last weekend.  Is spring finally here?  This is such an easy meal and yet looks very impressive.  I’ve served it for lunch, dinner and even for Mother’s Day brunch last year.  If you can find fresh eggs, definitely use them here.  Cooking the egg for 6 minutes will lead to a wonderfully creamy yolk.

Asparagus and a 6 Minute Egg

  • 4 fresh eggs
  • bunch of asparagus
  • 2 tsp. olive oil, divided
  • baguette
  • parmesan shavings (use a vegetable peeler)
  • salt and pepper

Snap off hard ends of asparagus and drizzle 1 tsp. olive oil on top, rubbing to coat well.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Lay in a single layer on a baking pan and roast in a  425 degree oven until tender.

Fill a pot with water and bring to a boil.  Using a ladle, gently lower eggs into the water and set timer for 6 minutes.

Halve baguette, lightly brush with 1 tsp. olive oil.  Broil on low until golden brown.

Place baguette on plate.  Top with several pieces of asparagus.  When the timer goes off for the eggs, drain water in sink and run cold water over eggs.  As soon as they are cool enough to touch, peel.  Cut in half and place on top of asparagus.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Place 3 or 4 shavings of parmesan on top to complete the dish.

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One response to “asparagus and a 6 minute egg

  1. Anna Aversa

    May 4, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    Super yummy, especially with fresh eggs!


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